User Guide


Fiorano Developer Portal is a tool which simplifies the process of developer onboarding by self-signup and automates the interaction of developers with the services published using the API manager. A developer can register an application and add different products which are published by the organization. For products with automatic approval, the developer is able to interact directly with the APIs grouped as part of the product. Alternatively, the administrator of the concerned organization can approve the subscription at a later point.

With simplified developer interaction, the number of developers interested will grow giving the APIs an exposure to a larger audience. A large developer community helps in fine tuning the APIs keeping them on par with industry standards.

Account Registration

Go to the registration page of developer portal and fill in the required details. After creating the account, an email with a one-time-login link will be sent to the registered mail address. Use the one-time-login link to login to your account and continue


If you are already registered with the developer portal, login to the developer portal by clicking on login link


Upload your generated RSA public certificate to our AMS for extra security with SSL. Click on Security under Account section to navigate to certificate maangement page


Visit our products page to view our wide range of products available. Explore the APIs present in them before adding them to your application

View API Documentation

Fiorano provides API documentation with SwaggerUI. You can view the Documentation in two versions of old swagger and new OpenAPI. Go to our products page, select a product and click on view documentation on the corresponding API

Download SDKs

Fiorano provides client SDKs in some popular languages which are generated by the swagger-codegen module. After exploring our APIs using OpenAPI documentation, you can download API client SDK and start integrating into your code.


You can group products into a single application. This gives you greater control over your products management. It is very easy to select rate-plans for products with our Developer Portal. Go to rate-plans section to know more details.

Register an Application

Go to Applications page to register a new application by selecting your preferred products for the application.

Rate Plans

Select rate-plans for every product. You can also view rate-plan details before selecting one by clicking View active/inactive rate plans

Regenerate Consumer Keys and Secrets

After you registered an application, you can regenerate consumer keys and secrets for a product by clicking regenerate button across the row of your selected product.