About Us

A Silicon valley based USA (California) Corporation providing seamless scalability and proven interoperability to customers for the next-generation service-oriented solutions


Founded in 1995 in Silicon Valley, California, Fiorano is a multinational Corporation providing API-led hybrid integration technology to customers enabling interoperability, agility, profitability and new revenue streams.
For over two decades, Fiorano has been at the fore-front in transforming enterprise backbone infrastructure. With Fiorano, businesses can implement a dynamic strategy to tackle challenges arising from digital transformation projects involving cloud, IoT and APIs. Building on its unique platform, Fiorano continuously delivers timely industry-specific solutions, including Core Banking Integration and the PSD2 Accelerator for Banks, Data Frameworks for Healthcare and more, enabling enterprises to easily comply with regulations, dynamically deliver assets and build capabilities for better customer engagement. Fiorano operates worldwide through its offices in 9 countries and a large network of partners across the globe. Global leaders including AT&T, British Telecom, Canadia Bank, Commercial Bank of Africa, Dyckerhoff, Federal Bank, McKesson, NASA, UK (NHS) National Health Service, Korea Telecom, L'Oreal (India), Schlumberger, United States Coast Guard and Vodafone have deployed Fiorano for their mission critical applications, driving innovation with solutions built in just days, yielding unprecedented productivity.

What We Do

Enabling Change

Fiorano's Hybrid Integration Platform unlocks legacy, siloed data seamlessly connecting it to the expanding network of IoT, mobile and myriad digital devices delivering scalable, secure solutions flexibly deployed as cloud (SaaS, iPaaS) or on-premise systems. It solves the most challenging integration problems across industries including financial services, banking, healthcare, utility, logistics, media, government and defense.

A Modern Integration Platform

Using microservices, a peer-to-peer architecture and high-speed messaging, Fiorano powers real time digital enterprises with a vital integration and API Management strategy that leverages the best of systematic (centralized, high-control) and adaptive (federated, high-speed) server groups, putting power into the hands of "citizen integrators".

Simplifying Complex IT

The proliferation of cloud, mobile, social and big data projects have led enterprises to shift their integration competency from the back office to the omnichannel digital world. Fiorano provides high-speed, integration technology that enterprises require to manage the exponential increase in velocity and volume of data being generated from thousands of endpoints.

Deliver Business Results

With Fiorano's unique architecture, enterprises improve processes and roll out revenue channels, teams become productive faster, positively impacting return on investments quicker. The focus can shift on innovation and business decisions are based on real-time data instead of gut-feel or guess work, resulting in an agile enterprise that can compete confidently in the marketplace.